Tax Preparation East Peoria, ILWe at Gordon, Stockman and Waugh, have unparalleled knowledge of income tax preparation. Pair this expertise with our commitment to each and every customer we serve, and you can see why businesses give our financial firm high ratings. In fact, when you choose our financial advisors to prepare your personal or businesses taxes, you receive a partner who has your best interests in mind. We have designed our tax preparation near East Peoria, IL, to give our clients the maximum possible refund. Imagine the possibilities a full refund could bring to you!

Choosing a Tax Preparer

Filing taxes has become an immensely complicated ordeal for many business owners and individuals. At Gordon, Stockman and Waugh, we understand just how painful the process can seem without the proper knowledge and expertise. Therefore, we work to make tax preparation by East Peoria, IL, as smooth and intuitive as possible.

Firstly, our advisors specialize in tax planning, and will help you select the most appropriate type of business entity plan, retirement plan, or family estate plan. When choosing a tax preparer, you want to find someone who is experienced, trustworthy, and has your best interests in mind. Our tax advisors fit that description.

Business Tax Preparation

If this is your first time preparing your business tax returns, you can expect to become frustrated. Without the necessary information on hand, the task may seem impossible. At Gordon, Stockman and Waugh, however, we help you fend off the frustration and complete your taxes promptly and smoothly.

To complete your business tax returns, you will need:

  • Last year’s business tax return
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Partnership agreement
  • Accounting records
  • Bank statements
  • Credit card statements
  • Payroll
  • Asset purchases
  • Depreciation schedules
  • Asset dispositions

Contact Us

To schedule tax preparation near East Peoria, IL, contact Gordon, Stockman and Waugh by calling 309-692-4030 today. We’ll put you on the path to financial success and stability in no time at all!