Welcome to Gordon, Stockman & Waugh P.C.

We have assembled over twenty professionals with unique abilities and diverse talents with the single-minded purpose of doing what’s right to help our clients achieve their objectives.

  • We strive for effective communication.
  • We operate using the “team” concept to ensure that our clients get the benefit of better ideas.
  • We believe in innovative solutions and not “off-the-shelf answers.”
  • We are not just auditors and accountants, but rather business advisors whose primary role is to proactively bring value to our clients.
  • We are available throughout the year for any assistance our clients may need. As business advisors, we want to keep abreast of your business activities.
  • We pledge to earn the trust of our clients and to ensure that their needs are met on a timely and cost-effective basis.
  • We are committed to providing quality and timely service and doing what it takes to achieve desired results.
  • We conduct our audits in a manner that is efficient, with minimal disruption to our clients’ business.