Financial Statement Audits Peoria, ILAt Gordon, Stockman and Waugh, we have gathered over twenty financial professionals with varying areas of expertise to achieve a single purpose: customer satisfaction. Therefore, we strive each and every day to provide quality services that truly matter to businesses in the community. By doing what is right, we help our clients achieve their goals and grow their income and businesses. Furthermore, by offering financial statement audits in Peoria, IL, we aim to help businesses increase their credibility and profit margin.

What is a financial statement audit?

In a financial statement audit in Peoria, IL, we examine a business’ financial statements and disclosures. The results of our comprehensive audits attest to the fairness of each financial statement. Our service aims to add credibility to a business’ reported financials and performance. In fact, the Securities and Exchange Commission requires all publicly-held businesses to file annual financial reports that have been audited.

Primary Stages

When it comes to performing financial statement audits in Peoria, IL, Gordon, Stockman and Waugh follows a specific plan. Firstly, we begin by gaining a deeper understanding of our client and their business. Using this information, our experienced staff can then assess whether any risks may impact the financial statements.

Secondly, we carefully audit each and every financial statement from the business. This step usually involves careful procedures and testing; we want to ensure that we achieve the utmost accuracy. In the end, a full audit can help a business grow and reduce the areas that need improvement. We strive to increase the efficiency and profit margin of each business with which we work.

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